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Muslin got its origin China IFR Hospital Curtain Fabrics Factory in the Middle East and was brought to France and Europe in the 17th and 18th centuries by merchants on ships traveling across the Atlantic Ocean. The website covers information on the following products: - Muslin backdrops - Photography backdrops - Muslin photography backdrops Muslin backdrops are loosely-woven fabric that is generally made of 100 percent cotton materials. The website also offers informative how to articles about muslin backdrops such as how to paint the backdrops, the wonderful benefits of the material as well as DIY muslin backdrops and facts you must know. Muslin Backdrops, the new website covers information on muslin backdrops such as how to make your own muslin backdrops, tips on uses for muslin backdrops as well as photography practices and designs for the material. Website visitors have created a community around the site by leaving comments and helping other website visitors with tips and tricks on muslin backdrop design ideas as well as innovative uses for the material.com has gained a loyal following on social media websites such as Facebook and MySpace as well as smaller sites comparable to FriendFeed. The fabric is also used to make beautiful dresses for women throughout the world for the reason that the material is perfect for dry or hot weather and feels as good as the material silk on the skin. Theaters usually have backdrops as well and use them as 'mood setters'.com and Twitter. The backdrops help theatrical scenes become more appealing to watch since they are the ones that give color and life in various scenes of a play. Muslin photography backdrops are extremely popular with photographers around the world as well as high fashion photographers who like the material because of its sheen and beautiful colors and patterns.
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